Our Mission

We turn cancer defects into novel treatments. Cancer cells already have altered metabolic activity and a lot of DNA damage. With specific metabolic or DNA repair inhibitors we force the cancer cell into a trap where they cannot cope with the overload of DNA damage, without harming healthy cells with normal metabolic pathways.

Our Vision

Many diseases have alterations in metabolic pathways often leading to DNA damage that manifest or define the disease. Our strategy is to identify basic mechanisms of proteins involved in metabolism and DNA repair to gain better understanding in disease and also develop small molecule inhibitors to selectively targeting these proteins as potential therapeutics. We reach our goal through open innovation and through a foundation, securing the future for our science and ensuring long term benefit to mankind.

“I am happy and impressed by your work. Words can not describe how grateful I am; not only for my sake but for my children and family as well. It gives me hope to break the chain of cancer in the family. I hope for the drug to reach the market soon so more patients can be treated.”
Translated from Swedish


Collaborate with us?

We are a non-for-profit organisation working towards novel cures for cancer and we are always interested in collaborations and partnership for the advancement of science.

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