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Biberach students visit the labs

On 25th of September a group of around 40 bachelor students of the Biberach University of Applied Sciences from Germany visited the HelledayLab. The university is known for its strong practical education in subjects such as pharmaceutical biotechnology and thus it is... read more

Prize for best talk

At the Department of Oncology and Pathology Kick-Off event at Piperska Muren, Nadilly Bonagas and Nina Gustafsson won the prize for the best talk with “Targeting Metabolic Remodeling in AML”. The day offered exciting presentations, poster sessions, lively... read more

Summer is over, what is up next?

With the swedish summer being over and people returning to the lab, the second half of the academic year 2018 is starting with some exciting conferences and symposia. On 29th of August, the Department of Oncology and Pathology will “Kick-Off” the new... read more


It is time to say goodbye. During the last ten months ,the Helleday lab had a great time not only hosting, but also working with our very talented and driven exchange interns Pepy Iliev and Dag Ivanic. They were involved in several impactful medicinal chemistry and... read more

The Helleday Laboratory is expanding to Sheffield in the UK to synergize with existing labs in Sweden to further enable pre-clinical drug discovery work to be implemented in an academic-driven clinical environment.

The Helleday Laboratory is now taking a new step forward and is set to expand to Sheffield in the UK in an emerging new cancer initiative that would bring clinicians and pre-clinical scientists closer together to foster a culture of collaboration across disciplines... read more

Welcome Dr Åsa Rosenquist

A few years ago, when west Africa was plagued by an devastating Ebola outbreak, we tried out our protein inhibitors on the Ebola virus. We were delighted when we realized we’d found a group of substances that not only effectively killed the the Ebola virus, but also a... read more

Congratulations Saeed Eshtad, PhD!

The Helleday lab wishes to congratulate Saeed Eshtad on a successful thesis defence on Monday February 13th! Saeeds’s thesis is called “Targeting DNA repair pathways for cancer therapy” and the aim of the thesis was to identify and understand if factors important in... read more

The drugs of the future will target DNA repair

Keeping up the intact DNA is vital for all organisms, and life as we know of it would not exist. Now, we know it is not black or white, but that DNA damage can also lead to imperfection leading to various diseases. Ageing is an example of a process that will damage... read more
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