Helleday Laboratory employs project leader for clinical testing

Everyday takes us closer to clinical testing for MTH1-inhibitors and the laboratory recently took a big leap forward when hiring a clinical project leader

To take a biological finding, like MTH1 that is needed for survival in cancer cells, to a treatment is a long process. Ever since the beginning of the MTH1 project the laboratory has worked with clinical testing in mind. The last year, Helleday Laboratory has worked intensely to start with clinical trials.

“Now, we take the next step” says Thomas Helleday “It is now, during the first decades of the 2000s, that we are really making a difference in cancer treatment and research”.

An important step towards getting MTH1 to patients is employing someone with the experience and expertise required for clinical trials. Teresa Sandvall, who Helleday Laboratory has employed, is a Clinical Research Manager (CRM) who has worked with clinical trials for many years as Novartis. Most recently she worked at Karolinska Trial Alliance (KTA), where she successfully started and managed a world unique study, SCAPIS, with the main goal of finding markers for heart and lung disease.

“We have worked closely with clinicians for a long time now. Especially Dr. Jeffrey Yachnin who is leading the oncological trial clinic at Karolinska University Hospital. ” says Ulrika Warpman Berglund, project leader for the MTH1 project “The project has now entered a phase where we needed a CRM in our research group with regulatory and clinical expertise and Teresa is perfect for that position.”

“The MTH1 project is very exciting, it has such potential.” says Teresa Sandvall “I am grateful and proud that Helleday Laboratory wanted to hire me to lead the clinical process.”

Project start

Clinical testing start

It is the interest and money the public has invested in us that helped us to get here. Take the next step with us!

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