Sanjiv Kumar is one of the researchers who published an article in Cell Report about a new treatment for cancer.

The new treatment is a combination of the two inhibitors. The inhibitors strike the respective proteins in the same signaling pathway. Today the two inhibitors are used separately in combination with either radiation or chemotherapy. By combining the inhibitors without chemotherapy or radiation Kumar and his co-authors showed synthetic lethality in the same pathway. Something they are first in the world to achieve.

Sanjiv says “In a nutshell, we can kill only the cancer cells without damaging healthy cells.”.

The new type of treatment is something we hope to see you soon in a clinical context. We do not know when. To be up to date you can subscribe to our newsletter!


If there are two proteins in the same pathway it means that the proteins have a similar responsibility in the cell. The proteins mentioned are found in a pathway responsible of DNA repair during DNA duplication.

The proteins that are being inhibited are called ATR and CHK1. You can read more about the proteins here:


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