We have now set a name for our phase I clinical trial, MASTIFF, which stands for ”Mth1, A phase I, Study on Tumor Inhibition, First in human, First in class clinical trial”. The study is a dose escalation study with the aim to identify a safe dose for phase II efficacy trials. The patients that are to be included into this study, conducted at Karolinska University Hospital, are all comers metastasized solid tumours, which do not have other treatment options and with good overall heath status. MTH1 inhibitors are highly promising treatments for cancer as they work for most cancers and are predicted to be highly tolerable.

Teresa Sandvall, clinical director, and organizer of the MTH1 name giving competition hands out the first prize to Therese Pham, who came up with the winning name and her winning motivation: ”this is an easy association because it is a powerful dog serving as the mascot for out fight against cancer and also man best friend”. Well done Therese!

This is our mascots for the trial – the two Mastiff pet dogs FAITH and FAIM, which also happen to be the runner up names in the competition for the MTH1 trial name.

We really like the name Mastiff. Mastiff is, as some of you know a strong dog. These are words about this dog…”Tibetan Mastiff is a well feathered dog with millennial history. Calm, quiet and seemingly asleep stands at his post , but appearances are deceptive . Within fractions of a second , the dog is willing to guard its territory. Once you meet a Tibetan mastiff it is difficult to be unmoved by the magnificent exterior and the dignified appearance . It is a breed that fascinated, as watchdog with mythical history, great intelligence and integrity. Thorough socialization develops it into a functioning and much loved family dog. If you choose to live with a Tibetan mastiff at your side must get to know the breed’s idiosyncrasies and live in harmony with them. You do not raise a Tibetan Mastiff, you learn to respect it.”