Evert Homan

Senior Researcher

1988–1993: M.Sc. in Pharmacy (cum laude), University of Groningen, the Netherlands
1993–1998: Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry (cum laude), University of Groningen, the Netherlands
1998–1999: Postdoctoral Fellowship at Pharmacopeia, Inc., Princeton, New Jersey, USA

1999–2000: Computational Chemist at Pharmacopeia, Inc., Princeton, New Jersey, USA
2001–2008: Computational Chemist at Biovitrum, Stockholm, Sweden
2008–2010: Senior Computational Chemist at Beactica, Uppsala, Sweden
2000–2001: Computational Chemist at Pharmacia Corporation, Stockholm, Sweden
2010–2013: Chief Operating Officer at Beactica, Uppsala, Sweden
2013–present: Senior Researcher, Computational Chemistry at SciLifeLab, Stockholm, Sweden


In my free time I like to go ice skating, listen to 80’s rock music, play with computers, and relax at my summer house with my family.

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