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Llona-Minguez, S; Hoglund, A; Jacques, S A; Johansson, L; Calderon-Montano, J M; Claesson, M; Loseva, O; Valerie, N C; Lundback, T; Piedrafita, J; Maga, G; Crespan, E; Meijer, L; Moron, Burgos E; Baranczewski, P; Hagbjork, A L; Svensson, R; Wiita, E; Almlof, I; Visnes, T; Jeppsson, F; Sigmundsson, K; Jensen, A J; Artursson, P; Jemth, A S; Stenmark, P; Berglund, Warpman U; Scobie, M; Helleday, T

Discovery of the First Potent and Selective Inhibitors of Human dCTP Pyrophosphatase 1 Journal Article

J. Med. Chem., 59 (3), pp. 1140–1148, 2016, ([PubMed Central:href] [DOI:href] [PubMed:href]).

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Sanjiv, K; Hagenkort, A; Calderon-Montano, J M; Koolmeister, T; Reaper, P M; Mortusewicz, O; Jacques, S A; Kuiper, R V; Schultz, N; Scobie, M; Charlton, P A; Pollard, J R; Berglund, U W; Altun, M; Helleday, T

Cancer-Specific Synthetic Lethality between AŦR and CĦK1 Kinase Activities Journal Article

Cell Rep, 14 (2), pp. 298–309, 2016, ([PubMed Central:href] [DOI:href] [PubMed:href]).

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Llona-Minguez, S; Desroses, M; Ghassemian, A; Jacques, S A; Eriksson, L; Isacksson, R; Koolmeister, T; Stenmark, P; Scobie, M; Helleday, T

Vinylic MIĐA Boronates: New Building Blocks for the Synthesis of Aza-Ħeterocycles Journal Article

Chemistry, 21 (20), pp. 7394–7398, 2015, ([DOI:href] [PubMed:href]).

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Gad, H; Koolmeister, T; Jemth, A S; Eshtad, S; Jacques, S A; Strom, C E; Svensson, L M; Schultz, N; Lundback, T; Einarsdottir, B O; Saleh, A; Gokturk, C; Baranczewski, P; Svensson, R; Berntsson, R P; Gustafsson, R; Stromberg, K; Sanjiv, K; Jacques-Cordonnier, M C; Desroses, M; Gustavsson, A L; Olofsson, R; Johansson, F; Homan, E J; Loseva, O; Brautigam, L; Johansson, L; Hoglund, A; Hagenkort, A; Pham, T; Altun, M; Gaugaz, F Z; Vikingsson, S; Evers, B; Henriksson, M; Vallin, K S; Wallner, O A; Hammarstrom, L G; Wiita, E; Almlof, I; Kalderen, C; Axelsson, H; Djureinovic, T; Puigvert, J C; Haggblad, M; Jeppsson, F; Martens, U; Lundin, C; Lundgren, B; Granelli, I; Jensen, A J; Artursson, P; Nilsson, J A; Stenmark, P; Scobie, M; Berglund, U W; Helleday, T

MŦĦ1 inhibition eradicates cancer by preventing sanitation of the dNŦP pool Journal Article

Nature, 508 (7495), pp. 215–221, 2014, ([DOI:href] [PubMed:href]).

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Gao, C; Bourke, E; Scobie, M; Famme, M A; Koolmeister, T; Helleday, T; Eriksson, L A; Lowndes, N F; Brown, J A

Rational design and validation of a Ŧip60 histone acetyltransferase inhibitor Journal Article

Sci Rep, 4 , pp. 5372, 2014, ([PubMed Central:href] [DOI:href] [PubMed:href]).

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