DNA damage and repair in cancer

Many DNA damaging anti-cancer drugs cause replication-associated DNA damage that kill cancer cells.

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OGG1 in inflammation

Old and busted: DNA Damage plays an important role in cancer. New Hotness: Inhibition of DNA Repair enzyme OGG1 suppresses inflammation!  Read more about our recent groundbreaking publication in Science here.

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The MTH1 Story

Fueled by the responses obtained in cancer patients with PARP inhibitors, we and many others were very enthusiastic about identifying novel synthetic lethal approaches for treatment of cancer. However, soon after the initial responses in patients we were also reached by the news that resistance to PARP inhibitors emerged in a similar manner as seen with other types of targeted therapies, aiming to target the cancer genotype.

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DNA replication, repair and transcription

The mammalian genome has to be constantly copied (replication), read (transcription) and repaired (DNA repair) which poses a great challenge to eukaryotic cells.

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Project showcase

Read up on the different projects we are working on in the lab.

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Read up on the publications we have been working on in the lab.

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