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PARP and BRCA story

My name is Thomas Helleday and as a teenager I started working extra in the local hospital, to earn some extra bucks. Being 16 years old, I started in a haematology ward caring for leukemia patients, of which many suffered from chemotherapy side effects and often died.

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Prostate cancer biomarkers, the story

My name is Firas Al-Ubaidi, a consultant urological surgeon working as a part time clinician in my urologic clinic in Västerås and a part time researcher as a PhD student. In my daily clinic, I am dealing mostly with patients having different types of urological cancers, especially those having prostate cancer.

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Improving the current therapy for blood malignancies

Leukemia is a cancer that affects the blood. There are several types of leukemia, but we work with specific sub-types of blood cancer (MDS and AML, see info box for more information) of the myeloid type of blood cells.

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