Our vision is to find a cure for cancer

Many say there is no cure to be found, the disease is too complex it cannot be solved. We think they are wrong.
50 years ago most children diagnosed with cancer died, today most are cured. Testicular cancer was previously a death sentence, but is today in the vast majority of cases curable. Radio- and chemotherapy remain effective weapons for treating and in several cases also curing cancer.

Our idea is based on two strategies.

DNA damage to kill cancers

Basically all potentially curative anti-cancer treatments work by causing DNA damage. With today’s detailed knowledge we ought to be able to come up with more precision treatments, other than the Röntgen beam from 19th century or using old fashion chemical weapon analogues. In particular, cancers have high level of DNA damage caused by their differential metabolism. Our strategy is to convert cancer-specific damage into toxic lesions that will only cause damage to the cancer cells.

Combination treatments

In the 1980’s youngsters died in the AIDS epidemic, caused by the HIV virus. Everyone talked about curing AIDS or cancer as the scientific holy grail. Combination therapy solved the AIDS problem and effective treatments exist to prevent HIV carriers to develop AIDS.

Similarly, there is only a defined number of ways a cell can prevent or repair DNA damage present in cancer cells. Our hypothesis is that with a specific combination of DNA repair inhibitors will be uncompatible with life of a cancer cell. As DNA damaging agents are able to sometimes cure cancer, we think the ultimate cure lay within the right combination strategy.

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