From Monday to Wednesday last week, several members of the lab participated in the online version of the Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry conference. The meeting is an annual gathering of the German Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Societies and usually takes place in cities with vibrant student life. Past host cities were Würzburg, Tübingen and Jena – this year it should have been Freiburg, but as before Covid made an in person conference impossible. Next to lectures of up and coming young investigators, or projects of clinical significance using PROTAC and macrocycle technologies, the conference is a good place to present a Poster and network while enjoying a beer and some brezel. Due to the online character it was kanelbulle instead of brezel, but Florian’s Poster about our recent preprint “Optimization of N-piperidinyl-benzimidazoline derivatives as potent and selective DNA glycosylase 1 inhibitors” attracted a number of visitors. In the end, it was chosen for the Poster Prize of the GdCH (German chemistry society) – well done Florian, we are very happy for you.