It is time to say goodbye. During the last ten months ,the Helleday lab had a great time not only hosting, but also working with our very talented and driven exchange interns Pepy Iliev and Dag Ivanic. They were involved in several impactful medicinal chemistry and methodology development projects and surely will be missed. Make sure to see more of them and their work in the near future [spoileralert]! All the best for your next endeavours back in Edinburgh and St. Andrews! Keep in touch.

“During my exchange internship at the Helleday lab I have explored a diverse set of synthetic reactions in the context of both therapeutics and chemical biology. I have also built upon my undergraduate practical skills in compound purification and analysis by using industrial-standard facilities. With an inclusive team culture, the transparent and translational structure of the group has helped me to develop a more interdisciplinary understanding of drug discovery and cancer research. I had a great time exploring science in this unrestricted and creative working environment.” – Pepy Iliev, The University of Edinburgh

“I have greatly enjoyed my time at the Helleday laboratory. The medicinal chemistry team is very experienced and were more than happy to share their knowledge with me and help me improve my practical skills, and to gain experience with different purification techniques and a wide variety of synthetic transformation. The available facilities are of industrial grade, so I’ve got a good exposure to techniques used in the drug discovery business. Since the group is smaller than most industrial companies, this offers an excellent opportunity to learn about other aspects of drug discovery as well, including assay development, biology, pharmacology, etc. I have learned a lot during my stay at the Helleday laboratory, and highly recommend the placement opportunity to potential candidates.” – Dag Ivanic, St Andrews University

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