What a day at the lab! Today we published our groundbreaking story of potent and selective OGG1 inhibition in Science. In the article, which we describe more in detail in our Science section, we show how inhibition of OGG1, a DNA Repair enzyme, can help to suppress inflammation. Implied applications span from treatment of infections to the fight against neurodegenerative diseases. As it has been in the past, we follow an open innovation approach and thus we encourage interested researchers, medical doctors, citizens, foundations and companies to reach out and get to know more about the project and possible exciting collaborations. And that is not all: Cancerfonden granted the lab a stunning 7.500.000 SEK for the coming three years. Together with the decision of Vinnova to grant Oxcia AB a guaranteed 1.800.000 SEK and up to 5.000.000 SEK upon milestone achievement, the development of the OGG1 and other projects in collaboration with the lab pick up in speed. To celebrate this, Evert Homan created a 3D version of a video of TH5675 in co-crystal with OGG1 (the original article and video can be found in the Science section). So grab your 3D glasses!

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