With the swedish summer being over and people returning to the lab, the second half of the academic year 2018 is starting with some exciting conferences and symposia.

On 29th of August, the Department of Oncology and Pathology will “Kick-Off” the new semester at Piperska Muren, Kungsholmen. Many members of the Helleday lab will be around, presenting in talks and poster. Among them Nadilly Bonagas and Nina Gustafsson with a talk entitled “Targeting Metabolic Remodeling in AML” and Kumar Sanjiv with “Role of DNA polymerase kappa in MTH1 inhibitors mediated cytotoxicity in cisplatin resistant cancer cells”. Be sure to also catch up with the poster presenters and have a chat with people involved in the many impactful projects at the lab.

“Join us for the Merck and SciLife Medicinal Chemistry Symposium 2018”, this slogan really says it all. Be quick to register for the 5th of September at the SciLifeLab in Stockholm, and do not miss Nicholas Valerie and Nina Gustafsson presenting their latest research. The one day symposium will also feature talks by experts from north european universities and delegates from Merck, including the Global Head of Medicinal Chemistry Discovery Technologies.

Karl Vallin will represent the Team at the EFMC-ISMC 2018 in Ljubljana, from September 2nd to 6th. A whole week of the latest trends and breakthroughs in medicinal chemistry, which surely will boost our own research in the team. The conference is THE meeting for academic and industrial drug discovery research. For this trip Karl received funding from the Cancerfonden and will present his latest research.

The 22nd International Conference on Organic Synthesis from 16th to 21st of September in Florence will be visited by Maurice Grube. Funded by Cancerfonden and Karolinska Institutet, he will present his latest results of the Computational and experimental assessment of human DNA glycosylases. The conference is known to attract world leading experts in organic synthesis and chemical biology and thus will ensure critical and stimulating discussion of our latest activities.

From October 8th to 12th the Summer School in Translational Cancer Research invites young researchers from all over the world to learn and discuss with scientific experts of the field. Judith Unterlass will visit the event in Albufeira, Portugal, to present her translational work and discuss opportunities for collaboration and application.


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