Last week, our placement students were involved in outreach programs informing the next generation of scientists.

Octavia, Philip, Kirsty and Nick welcomed high school students to the lab, training them in basic organic chemistry. Chemistry can be of pleasant smell –  a sense of Cinnamon Rolls filled the lab, when cinnamon aldehyde was reacted in an aldol condensation. Nick comments:

Had a fantastic afternoon in the lab showing some students from the local highschool about the role of chemistry in drug discovery and chemical biology. I designed a quick worksheet to help illustrate some synthetic methodology and had great help from Kirsty, Octavia and Philip who demonstrated the reactions with cinnamaldehyde and benzaldehyde. The students left having enjoyed their afternoon and will present their experience to their class at school.”

Well done Team, great initiative!

Kirsty made the headlines once again – she got elected President of School of Chemistry of the University of St. Andrews:

“I am honoured to have been given this opportunity and look forward to creating some real change within the department! Thanks to all who voted & to the 3 other candidates who ran for a great election race.”

Congratulations Madame President!