Turning cancer defects into cures

With a team of 70 scientists from 22 different nations we turn cancer defects into novel treatments. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated about our research!

The Helleday Team presents potent MTH1 inhibitor ‘Karonudib’ and experimentally addresses the non-active MTH1 inhibitors.

The Helleday Team proudly presents our new potent MTH1 inhibitor Karonudib, which is 20 times more effective than the previously described TH588 inhibitor, recently published in Annals of Oncology. Karonudib stands for: Karolinska nudt1 (MTH1 gene name) inhibitor. In...

Dr Firas Tarish celebrates his new doctor hat in the City Hall


New EU funding a large training network across Europé on novel approaches to treat cancer

Thomas Helledays receives ERC Advanced Grant

Thomas Helledays receives ERC Advanced Grant Thomas Helleday is one of nine scientists receiving a grant of 2.5 million euros over five years from the European Research Council. Research proposed for funding to the ERC should aim high, both with regards to the...

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We proudly present a completely novel way of treating cancer, which has been published in Nature. The new concept exploits the high level of oxidative stress present within cancer that is absent in healthy cells. Oxidative stress can damage the building blocks of DNA, and the use of these damaged building blocks in DNA synthesis can cause cell death. The MTH1 protein protects cancer cells from this, and thus we aim to inhibit the MTH1 protein to specifically kill cancer cells.

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The drugs of the future will target DNA repair

Keeping up the intact DNA is vital for all organisms, and life as we know of it would not exist. Now, we know it is not black or white, but that DNA damage can also lead to imperfection leading to various diseases. Ageing is an example of a process that will damage...

“I am naturally happy and impressed by your work. Words can not describe how grateful I am; not only for my sake but for my children and family as well. It gives me hope to break the chain of cancer in the family. I hope for the drug to reach the market soon so more can be treated.” Translated from Swedish



Our vision

We believe our treatments will be turning cancer into a chronic disease and that we will be able to provide affordable treatments across the world. We reach our goal through open innovation and through a foundation, ensuring long term benefit to mankind.

Our mission

We turn cancer defects into novel treatments. Cancer cells already have a lot of DNA damage and disrupted DNA repair. By inhibiting DNA repair we increase the DNA damage to kill cancer cells, without harming healthy cells.

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