Post-doctoral fellowships

Postdoctoral Researcher in Medicinal Chemistry

Recently, organocatalysis has become available as a technology to modulate enzyme function in DNA repair. In a ternary complex of enzyme and intermediate repair product, small molecules optimized for this three-dimensional architecture initiate an artificial destruction of the DNA substrate, which in turn may lead to uncommon or natural repair products – opening possibilities for both acceleration or obstruction of DNA repair.

What is the task?

For the broadening of the technology base of organocatalytic enzyme activation in DNA repair, the Medicinal Chemistry team is looking for one Postdoctoral Researcher. The position comes with the following tasks:

  1. Chemistry Lead for the chemical modulator program on the Endonuclease-III-like protein I (NTHL1). The project has received highest priority from the Chemical Biology Consortium Sweden for the screening of compound libraries, which is currently ongoing. Among the responsibilities are hit identification, hit to lead activities, supervision activities for students recruited to the project and exchange with EUbOPEN project members. A PhD student at the beginning of his thesis in medical science will be a close partner on this project.
  1. Support for the chemical probe program on 8-oxo DNA glycosylase 1 (OGG1). The project is currently in the expansion and early drug development phase and currently receives support from the Drug Discovery and Development Platform at Science for Life Laboratory. A number of manuscripts are underway and a significant amount of work is required to generate chemical probes for the individual artificial functions. The candidate will perform synthesis, supervision of first cycle students and collaboration with EUbOPEN project members. Exchange with other researchers comprises all teams in the Helleday lab.

What are the requirements?

– a PhD or equivalent in heterocyclic, organocatalytic, medicinal or organic chemistry

– experience in supervision of first cycle students

– project lead experience is merited

– significant experience in teamwork and adaptability in interdisciplinary projects as demonstrated through high-profile publication

What are we offering?

We are at the forefront of developing our breakthrough technology of establishing new enzymatic functions in DNA repair. You will work in a world-class lab at Science for Life Laboratory Solna, affiliated with the Department of Oncology and Pathology at Karolinska Institute. The team consists of chemists, biochemists, biologists, pharmacologists and data scientist with backgrounds from industry and academia. Our strong collaborative network within EUbOPEN ensures access to complementary expert knowledge and state of the art techniques, including regular in person meetings. We foster a mentorship-first attitude that prioritizes personal development, educating the next generation of independent researchers. The position is supported by a scholarship of the Thomas Helleday Foundation for medical research with competitive market salary and runs for one year with a good possibility to be further prolonged. Income in Sweden comes with governmental funded health care, a cap for health-care related spendings, as well as affordable childcare.

What is the next step?

Please send your cover letter, CV, a  summary of your research, and two references to Maurice Michel and send a copy to

Soon-to-be graduated PhD students welcome. Career Age after PhD: maximum 2 years.

Deadline 2nd of April 2023.