A great week so far for Helleday Laboratory postdoc Sean Rudd

Our postdoc fellow Sean Rudd is having a good week so far. On Wednesday he was awarded the ”SciLifeLab Highlight of the year 2016”- prize at the SciLifeLab summit, and yesterday he received 200 000 SEK from the Alex and Eva Wallström Foundation for a proposal on SAMHD1! Congratulations and well done Sean!   (photo by […]

Our metabolic target MTHFD2 crystal structure now resolved with inhibitor

The MTHFD2 protein is uniquely expressed in cancer and not in normal tissue. Yet, it is required for survival in cancer, but not for normal cells. This makes it a highly interesting target, with the potential of finding compounds that selectively kill cancer cells, but not normal cells. Key to success is to determine the […]

The Helleday Team presents potent MTH1 inhibitor ‘Karonudib’ and experimentally addresses the non-active MTH1 inhibitors.

The Helleday Team proudly presents our new potent MTH1 inhibitor Karonudib, which is 20 times more effective than the previously described TH588 inhibitor, recently published in Annals of Oncology. Karonudib stands for: Karolinska nudt1 (MTH1 gene name) inhibitor. In a new report published in Annals of Oncology we present that Karonudib has excellent anti-tumour activity […]